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  • Happy International Women's day!

    International woman’s day is a reminder of what we can achieve when we believe in ourselves. For over 100 yrs., on this day, we share our ambition for equality and offer encouragement to all women to know their self-worth.
  • Are hair toppers safe for Covid related hair loss?

    With hair loss of up to 30% after Covid you may feel that you need some helper hair to give you a confidence boost whilst your wait to return to normal. Hair toppers are a very natural way to disguise thin hair but are they safe for covid related hair loss? 
  • Annoyances only women who need to wear hair toppers understand

    Unless you have experienced hair loss you have no idea how profoundly it impacts the lives of so many women. My fellow hair loss sisters will totally get these annoyances that only women who wear hair toppers will understand.
  • Mesh hair integration partings any size, colour or shape available now

    I’ve had a number of ladies approach me recently looking for parts for their existing mesh hair integration systems and happily I am in a position to help. At present I can make bespoke hair integration partings in any size, shape or colour on lace bases. You can even supply your own hair! 
  • Are you ready to wear a human hair topper?

        There is still such a huge psychological stigma about wearing human hair toppers. The technology is so much more advanced now and the knowledge...
  • How to wear your hair topper for the first time in 10 easy steps

    The second scariest thing (after the N.o 1 fear that it will come off in public) about wearing human hair toppers for the first time is worrying about what other people will think. Here's my top 10 tips and tricks to wear a topper without anyone noticing. 
  • Human hair topper materials guide

     This hair topper materials guide will teach you about hair and the materials it's added to to create your human hair toppers. 

  • Methods for attaching hair toppers

    There are many methods for attaching hair toppers. Usually toppers are held securely in place with pressure snap clips. However, they can also be s...
  • Here's your hair wearers blueprint! Just add your email above 🔝🔝🔝

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Every woman with hair loss should read this! Simply life changing", - Susan C, Hair Necessity customer.  HOORAY! I'm excited to give you m...
  • Feeling scared about wearing human hair toppers or wigs?

    It's pretty normal to feel scared about wearing human hair toppers or wigs.  
    The one thing fear doesn't want you realise is, each time you face it, it grows smaller and you grow stronger.  
  • Human hair toppers size and shape guide

      There is so much choice in human hair toppers! If you're looking to purchase online here's a human hair toppers size and shape guide to make it a...
  • What is a bonded hair system?

    Bonded hair systems are a method of using tape and or glue (usually together) to attach a topper/hair system for several weeks at a time. This article will honestly explain everything involved. 
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