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  • How to wear your hair topper for the first time in 10 easy steps

    The second scariest thing (after the N.o 1 fear that it will come off in public) about wearing human hair toppers for the first time is worrying about what other people will think. Here's my top 10 tips and tricks to wear a topper without anyone noticing. 
  • What is a bonded hair system?

    Bonded hair systems are a method of using tape and or glue (usually together) to attach a topper/hair system for several weeks at a time. This article will honestly explain everything involved. 
  • How to find the best human hair topper

    In this blog I'm going to teach you how to find the best human hair topper for you. I will explain which materials will suit all various circumstances.
  • How to find a real hair topper and wig stylist

    The true potential of your human hairpieces can only be realised by a good stylist. Lots of women happily wear their real hair toppers and wigs straight out of the box, they still look good, but I would always recommend having them personalised. 
  • How to dry your wig or hair extensions faster

    It does take longer to dry a real hair wig and hair extensions than your natural hair. The hair is usually more porous than your growing hair which means that it will absorb more of the water. It also does not benefit from the natural oils your scalp produces.
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