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Happy International Women's day!

by Rebecca Dawe

Happy International Women's day!

International woman’s day is a reminder of what we can achieve when we believe in ourselves. For over 100 yrs., on this day, we share our ambition for equality and offer encouragement to all women to know their self-worth.

I know so many of you experiencing hair loss have lost your self-esteem. I struggled myself for most of my life. When we are constantly brainwashed by ridiculous beauty ideals I understand why!

Fight back and commit to supporting brands that celebrate the stunning beauty of our diverse appearance. 

Fight back and teach our children that beauty is not about a flawless appearance, it’s the ability to recognise the glorious individuals that we and others are. A uniquely beautiful person will make those around them feel good in their presence.  There should be more YouTube tutorials on that!

Fight back by respecting that our own bodies are a gift. Know that we should have the choice to dress up or down without crippling negative self-talk and judgement from others. You can’t control what others think of you, but you can certainly learn to control your own narrative.

Fight back by recognising the stories for what they are and appreciate how patriarchy and discrimination have moulded those stories in your mind. How you think will pretty much dictate your life circumstances.  No, it isn’t easy, usually the best things aren’t, but you are totally capable of change.

We need to turn positivity into a virus and commit to spreading around us how beautiful and capable women are, how absolutely anything is possible, you just need to learn to believe it.  

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