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My products are my passion and I am always more than happy to help and problem solve. If you have any questions please contact me by phone, email or by using my social media.

I have created some free PDF guides (no subscription required) which you will find under “useful information”. I hope these will answer lots of your questions. They include how to wash and look after your hairpieces, as well as more detailed info about hair and hairpiece construction.

Can you return goods?
All stock items, in original (unused) condition, can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. The sender pays return postage. Postage charges will not be refunded.
Custom made hairpieces and and wigs cannot be returned.

How much do you charge for consultations?
I do not charge for face to face or remote consultations.

I live too far away can you still help me?
Yes. I help clients from all over the world. There a lots of tools such as Skype and Facebook that we can use for private consultations. I have even created custom wigs just using email! You will need a tape measure and be prepared to send me a hair sample and photographs. Anything discussed or images sent is strictly confidential.

How long will my wig/ hairpiece last?
This really depends on how you wear your hair, the environment and how well you take care of your hair.
As a guide, wearing continuously, a fibre hairpiece will last around 4 months for long hair but up to 1 year for short hair. Long fibre hair will frizz quicker as it rubs against your clothing.
Human hair can last for a year or longer.

How do I chose the colour?
To get a perfect match it’s best to send a tiny sample of hair to me.

Can I cut, curl or colour my wig/ hairpiece?
Real hair wigs can be cut, coloured and curled like your own natural hair. Please use a salon that is experienced.
Synthetic hair can also be cut but please use a salon that is experienced at doing this. Synthetic hair cannot be coloured. The heat resistant fibre hair can be curled and straightened but keep the heat to a lower setting. Standard synthetic wigs should not have any heated tools used on them.

How can I secure my wig/ hairpiece?
There are so many ways to secure your hair. Some women have hairpieces and wigs semi permanently attached using hair extension techniques. There are medical tapes, glues, bands, caps, clips and combs that can be worn in different combinations.
I can help you work out which methods are best for you. Trust me it will not move!

Will wearing a wig/ hairpiece damage my natural hair?
Wearing hair will not prevent your natural hair from growing back. It is possible to damage hair using attachment methods such as extensions and clips if not done properly. Never use clips or extensions that pull your natural hair. Always take advice before using medical tapes and glues.

Will my wig/ hairpiece be uncomfortable to wear?
Everyone has different levels of comfort. Many of us have very sensitive scalps! The construction of the wig is very important so you may need to try a few to work out what’s best. Full lace wigs are extremely comfortable to wear. Many ladies report not being able to feel them!
Wig caps can be a great option for ladies who wear standard machine made wigs (that can be uncomfortable). You can purchase these in natural materials which are perfect for sensitive scalps.

I have total hair loss, do I have to wear a wig?
No and you can still look amazing! I wear hairpieces and headwear all the time!

Can I wear my hair up?
It’s possible to do anything with wigs and hairpieces. The hair can be designed to do what you’d like it to do. Attachment methods and styling (e.g cutting in baby hairs) help achieve a flawless look.

Can I swim and exercise in wigs/ hairpieces?
Yes absolutely. Hair loss shouldn’t stop you from doing anything! I think it’s better to opt for synthetic hair for exercise as it can be easily washed and it’s a lot cheaper. It’s good to experiment with headwear and hair. None of this looks out of place in the gym.

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