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Feeling scared about wearing human hair toppers or wigs?

by Rebecca Dawe

Feeling scared about wearing human hair toppers or wigs?

There is still such a huge psychological stigma about wearing hair. The technology is amazing and the knowledge I share will ensure that you will be equipped to make the right purchasing decisions.  It's pretty normal to feel scared about wearing human hair toppers or wigs. 
The one thing fear doesn't want you realise is, each time you face it, it grows smaller and you grow stronger.  

I always think about a cheeky little thrush I met one day whilst eating my sandwich in the car. It jumped onto the window ledge and begged for food. She even jumped down onto my husband's lap! We were so amazed (and honoured) we of course shared our lunch. She was grabbing as much as her beak could fill from my husband's fingers. This wild bird, who's every instinct is to fear us, has learnt that taking risks brings great reward. She was so experienced that she simply had no fear. Only as we drove away, did I notice the other 20 or so birds gathered on the floor hoping to catch any leftovers.

Naturally I am a bit shy, a worrier and happiest in my comfort zone but I also embrace, like this bird, if you want the most from life you must fight hard against those instincts. The more you do it the easier it becomes until it's a part of who you are.

If life isn't challenging and every day morphs into the previous, the dangerous habit of repetition and safety, is a life is wasted. When your days merge, there's nothing new to remember or learn so time flies away.

The other negative emotion preventing you from moving forward is guilt. I’ve met so many wonderful people who shamefully admit that they feel guilty for not accepting their hair loss. That they should think “it’s only hair loss” and that they should just deal with it. They think they should be grateful for all the things they already have in life, that somehow, they are superficial or vain. 
Well, I’m here to tell you that acceptance isn’t just something that you should automatically feel. In my experience acceptance is something that you have to work at. If you want to feel confident again there are a series of steps you’ll need to take. 

After years of struggling, ignoring the situation and hiding it from everyone, I came to a crisis point where I couldn’t continue as I was anymore. For me, it started with finding the right products. 

Wanting to make the most of your appearance is not vanity. Vanity is an ugly word used to describe a conceited, over admiration of yourself. It is not vain for wanting to be slim, wear make up, highlight your hair or shave your legs. The point is, you need to give yourself permission to do whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

I don’t want you to waste 20yrs feeling as I did. I want to fast track you back on the path to feeling like you, perhaps a better, new version of yourself. Trust me, it really is possible, but you need to find the courage to take the first steps. I’m assuming that because you’re even here, reading this, you want your hair back. 

This is something you have to own. If you find the right solution (and I can show you how) it will look so good that no one will be anything but happy for you. In many cases you won’t even have to tell anyone, however, if you truly embrace it you will be so much happier. Trust me. Wearing hair is very much accepted and part of normal society now. 

Forget dog, brave birds rule. OK!  Let's crack on with changing your life.

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