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Are hair toppers safe for Covid related hair loss?

by Rebecca Dawe

Are hair toppers safe for Covid related hair loss?

Covid related hair loss is now a pretty well known side effect that can occur weeks or months following the virus. Thankfully, your hair will start to grow back after 3 - 6 months without any treatment. However, with hair loss of up to 30% you may feel that you need some helper hair to give you a confidence boost whilst your wait to return to normal. Hair toppers are a very natural way to disguise thin hair but are they safe for covid related hair loss? 

Hair toppers use hidden clips to attach securely to your hair. Many ladies, understandably, do worry that these clips cause tension and further damage. Yes,  hair clips can cause tension to your natural hair but only if you are using them incorrectly. If you think about it logically, wearing hair toppers is extremely common and WOULD NOT be a popular solution for hair loss if they caused further hair loss. 

There are conditions where clip in hair toppers are not suitable. If your hair breaks very easily or you experience a lot of tenderness on the scalp I would not recommend clipping in hair toppers. Check out my clip free hair toppers for more information 

But for Covid related hair loss, standard hair toppers are completely safe. The hair topper is removed every night so your natural hair can breath and rest. Never go to bed wearing a clip in topper as this can result in tension related hair loss. They are not designed to be slept in. 

So, how do you know if you're using the clips incorrectly? Well, the simple answer is that you shouldn’t be able to feel them. I wear clip-in  hair toppers frequently and once they are attached I forget I’m even wearing one. You should not feel any pulling or tightness on your hair, but at the same time the topper should feel secure. 

When you initially snap the clips closed you do feel them but after a few moments they settle in and you shouldn’t feel them at all. These days, as soon as I put in a clip incorrectly (and this does happen all the time) I’m aware of it instantly and just readjust it slightly. 

The clips can feel a bit fiddly the first few times you use them but with a little practice it becomes pretty instinctive. When you wear toppers regularly, you can even do it without a mirror it becomes so automatic!

The mistake some women have made, is  being so worried the hair topper will come off that they overcompensate by clipping the hair in too tightly. Take some time to build up your confidence wearing one. I promise they do not fall off!! Try wearing them at home first, shake your head about to your favourite music, see if you can still do a handstand (I actually pulled all my muscles when I tried this), jump up and down on the bed and watch yourself in the mirror, you may have more family and neighbours ask you how you're coping during lockdown but at least you’ll know your hair can be both comfortable and won’t fall off.

If you’re finding the world of hair toppers a bit overwhelming to start with I'm here to help.

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