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Human hair toppers size and shape guide

by Rebecca Dawe

Human hair toppers size and shape guide


There is so much choice in human hair toppers! If you're looking to purchase online here's a human hair toppers size and shape guide to make it all a lot easier. 

What’s really important
A great starting point is to ensure you find good quality human hair that will last you a long time. Hair that hasn’t had the cuticle stripped will greatly reduce the tangling and shedding which are common problems. The hair can also be coloured if it’s not quite right or you just fancy a change. Please note it’s best to darken hair rather than lighten it so, if you’re ever purchasing a stock human hair topper it’s best to go for one that’s lighter if you plan to colour it. 

What area are you trying to cover with your topper?
If you're lucky enough to have some natural hair along your front hairline I always recommend incorporating it into the look by positioning your human hair topper just behind your natural hairline. This means that the topper needs to be an exact colour match to your existing hair. A lace front is only essential if you are using the topper to create a front hairline (if your hair is missing from the fringe area) AND you want that hairline to be visible (no fringe cut in). 

What size human hair topper should I buy?
The size of the human hair topper is subjective. Some ladies prefer a fuller coverage because they want more hair, others prefer the minimum they can get away with. What is important though is to look at how you plan to attach your topper and check (if you're using your own hair to attach) that you have enough growing hair in those areas for clips or to use extension methods. If you’re bonding (tape and or glue) you will need to make sure the unit is 0.5” wider than any hair free areas. 

The other very important thing to consider when choosing a size is to look at where your head curves at the sides. A topper can look fake if it’s clipped where the head curves. It needs to sit above or below this line. You’ll need to try them on to see what I mean! 

Small size toppers are fine  made from any base material. If you require a larger shape I would recommend using your preferred materials for the parting area and then the remaining part of the base made from lace or wefting. This will ensure it curves around your scalp nicely. 

What shape human hair topper should I buy?
The shape of your topper will depend on what area of the scalp you are covering. Human hair toppers are designed to deal with different areas of hair loss; parting, top of head and crown. 

Parting toppers are narrower but longer and are positioned along the parting area. This is a very natural looking shape that works well with thinning hair as well as hair missing from around the parting line. 

human hair topper parting enhancer

Standard hair toppers cover a larger area on the top of the head. Here are the main 3 shapes:

I call this shape topper horseshoe, it's a great shape if you want to use the front as a replacement fringe area or you’d like a little more coverage towards the temples.

human hair topper for top of head

A round shape human hair topper is great for placement just behind your own hairline, or for hair missing at the crown. I’d also use this shape those not wanting a hairline as an alternative to the parting topper.

human hair topper round shape

This pear shape hair topper is great for providing a little extra help at the front but covering a larger area towards the crown. 

human hair topper pear shape

If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend reading my blog on "how to find the best human hair topper" which will help you identify the best topper materials for your individual circumstances. 

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