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  • Which product is best for hair integration/ semi perm attachment

    OK so you know you want to attach your hair, live your life and forget about hair loss! It’s confusing at first working out what’s the best hair integration for you so here’s a guide to Hair Necessity solutions that will have your hair loss covered. 
  • How to decide which wig to buy

    It can be very confusing deciding which wig to buy. Here’s a guide to Hair Necessity wigs that should help you make the right choice.
  • How to dry your wig or hair extensions faster

    It does take longer to dry a real hair wig and hair extensions than your natural hair. The hair is usually more porous than your growing hair which means that it will absorb more of the water. It also does not benefit from the natural oils your scalp produces.
  • Am I Vain for Covering Up?

    Everyone knows that society favours the beautiful and it’s not a recent phenomenon, only our interpretations of what we think is beautiful changes through history and geography.
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