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Annoyances only women who need to wear hair toppers understand

by Rebecca Dawe

Annoyances only women who need to wear hair toppers understand

Unless you have experienced hair loss you have no idea how profoundly it impacts the lives of so many women. My fellow hair loss sisters will totally get these annoyances that only women who wear hair toppers will understand: 


Friends and family tell you that you look good and they've hardly noticed your hair loss. We all know this is well intentioned, but making you feel like you're blowing things out of proportion really doesn't help. 


Finding the right hair topper is mind blowing. There are so many options and it takes experienece (or luck with finding the right peice or person to help you) for it to look right.


When you're not wearing a hair topper people automatically assume that you are unwell. Yes hair loss can be a visual sign of illness (and always worth investigating), but more often it's just hormonal or natural. Having to explain is a nuisance and keeps your hair loss constantly at the forefront. 


We are kindly reminded that there are worse things. When you lose your confidence and identity, when you can't bare to look in the mirror, when you no longer like yourself physically you're not hurt but believe me when you're ego hurts it does feel painful.


My particular favourite was being told that I should be grateful for what I do have. What an insult! Of course you appreciate everything but you still have the right to get upset without being made to feel guilty!!!!!


Shock that there isn't any obvious remedy to hair loss. Denial and then eventual realisation this really is a problem.


When people remind us that looks aren't important. I'm very curious then as to why we spend over £8 billion on our looks in this country alone??? If you shave your legs, if you wear makeup, if you cut your hair then please never say this to someone who is losing their hair.


The insane number of very expensive remedies that do not work. 


You look at photo's of yourself when you had hair and remember what it was like never having to think about it.


Having a wisdom tooth removed is preferable to the humiliation of visiting a hair salon.


When it's casually suggested you shoud shave all your hair off. Afterall, Sigourney Weaver looked amazing in that incredibly, glamorous, film aliens. 


Appreciating that shaving off your hair is not a comfortable and hassle free option.


Realising that whatever you do people will make assumptions about your character. You're either vain for wearing a hair topper or you have no self respect for not covering up.


It's very cold in the winter and you'll get burnt in the summer. Others don't appreciate wearing a hair topper is not just about covering hair loss!


Peope don't realise that your choice to wear a hair topper isn't about looking your best (although there's nothing wrong with that!!) It's about not wanting to spend all day thinking about what you look like!


If you don't know where to start, or are struggling to find the right human hair topper get in touch. I do understand. 

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