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Methods for attaching hair toppers

by Rebecca Dawe

Methods for attaching hair toppers

There are many methods for attaching hair toppers. Usually toppers are held securely in place with pressure snap clips. However, they can also be semi permanently attached using bonding and hair extension techniques. There are also some options unique to Hair Necessity that can be removed daily AND do not require attachment to your growing hair. 


The commonly used snap clips come in different sizes and qualities. If you have significant hair loss, the smallest ones (2cm long) will provide the best hold. Make sure they have the silicon strips to protect your hair and prevent slippage. 

These clips provide a very secure hold. It’s very important that they do not feel like they are pulling your natural hair, as this can cause damage and even worsen your hair loss. I recommend removing the clips every month and re-stitching them in different positions so that your natural hair can rest. 

If you do experience slippage, due to greasy hair, adding some hairspray to the hair you are using to clip in will prevent this. 

If you suffer from arthritis or have other conditions that make opening and closing the clips difficult, experiment with different types of clips. If you have enough hair, combs & hair grips could be used as an alternative. 

Option to attach 

Lots of women are very keen to attach hair but have been put off by the costs of doing it. It’s a lot of money if you decide you don’t like it. The Hair Necessity parting enhancer and tressform are risk free options to attach for a few days or full time. Just remove the clips and ask your hair extensionist to microbead it on. If you want to return to clipping it in, simply sew the clips back on. Simple! 

No attachment to natural hair

For many women the clips and tapes used to attach toppers are not viable options. The resQband is a uniquely designed  topper - constructed on a hidden anti slip band - means you can easily add and remove it, sleep in it, or even go on a rollercoaster! Perfect if you want to give clips a break for a while or if you have fragile hair or a very sensitive scalp. 

Wire attachment

There are also ladies who have plenty of hair to attach at the sides but can’t clip or use tape around the front/ fringe hairline. It is possible to use clear wire at the front of the topper to hold this securely in place. It does depend on the design of this topper and the placement of the wire to ensure the topper lays perfectly flat across the fringe area. My hairline topper has been designed for this purpose.

Mesh pull through

If hair thinning is your issue (no hair free patches) you can  secure a topper by pulling your own hair through a mesh based topper. It does require a bit of extra time but, it’s 100% damage free and very light weight to wear. You won’t be able to have any parting lines where the mesh part is incorporated.  Check out my mesh integration toppers for images.  

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