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How to wear your hair topper for the first time in 10 easy steps

by Rebecca Dawe

How to wear your hair topper for the first time in 10 easy steps

I want to be completely honest with you about this very significant step. I meet some women who can’t wait to wear their new hair topper, however most will experience the following and this will be the hardest part of your journey:

  • You will think everyone can tell and you will look in the mirror a hundred times a day
  • After the initial elation of finding the right solution for you, you will start to think you’ve made a mistake, that the hair looks too thick or just isn’t you
  • On average it takes about 2 weeks to adjust, before you stop looking and just seeing yourself in hair.

But soon, you will make the shift. The hair topper becomes part of you. You won’t feel yourself anymore when you take it off! You’ll look at recent photos and won’t believe how bad your natural hair had started to look. 

The second scariest thing (after the N.o 1 fear that it will come off in public) about wearing human hair toppers for the first time is worrying about what other people will think. The ones that see you regularly, the ones who you would rather swim with piranhas then tell them about your hair loss. So here’s how to slip it out there without anyone noticing:

1)  Spend some time finding the right topper for you, before you need it.
2) Get used to the feel of it, and positioning it at home before you venture outside. You mustn’t fiddle with your hair topper in public.
3) Get used to seeing yourself with hair again.
4) Wear your topper to places where you don’t know anyone, to get your confidence up. As soon as you realise no one is looking, you’ll feel much better.
5) Before wearing your hair topper for the 1st time, start wearing your natural hair with some lovely hats/headband/accessories so everyone gets used to seeing you look a little different.
6) Then, wear your hair topper with the accessories that everyone’s got used to seeing you in.
7) Make sure the hair is secure. Once you’ve got confidence it can’t come off you’ll be less worried.
8) Act confidently even if you don’t feel it. If you’re acting weirdly everyone will know instantly that something is wrong.
9) Hide under your accessories for as long as you feel needed. Then remove them but keep the hair topper tied/clipped back for a bit.
10) By now everyone has forgotten what your original hair looked like (or how thin it was) and you’re free to wear it how you choose.
If you are seriously up for a challenge just go for a style completely different to your own (colour and or cut) and everyone will just think you’ve gone for a lovely new look.


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