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  • Happy International Women's day!

    International woman’s day is a reminder of what we can achieve when we believe in ourselves. For over 100 yrs., on this day, we share our ambition for equality and offer encouragement to all women to know their self-worth.
  • Are you ready to wear a human hair topper?

        There is still such a huge psychological stigma about wearing human hair toppers. The technology is so much more advanced now and the knowledge...
  • Feeling scared about wearing human hair toppers or wigs?

    It's pretty normal to feel scared about wearing human hair toppers or wigs.  
    The one thing fear doesn't want you realise is, each time you face it, it grows smaller and you grow stronger.  
  • 10 lessons my dogs taught me about losing my hair at 18

    Almost 30 yrs now of living with hair loss and it occurred to me that the dogs I've owned, through thick and thin, had much to teach. These are the lessons my dogs taught me about losing my hair at 21.
  • My human hair wigs give me confidence

     I don’t wear wigs to hide what I am, I wear them because they are a part of my identity. My alopecia doesn’t define me, but it’s very much a part of my life too.
  • Hate Wearing Wigs? Try this!

    Not only ARE there products that are comfortable and natural, they look amazing. Whatever label you want to give to wearing hair (hair additions, extensions, volumiser etc) you can’t say you hate them until you have sampled my vast array of goodies. It’s time to take action and release your inner goddess!
  • How to Find A Man When You Have Alopecia

    When you hate your own appearance you can’t imagine that anyone will ever find you attractive again...
  • Coping with hair loss

    Me and thousands of women like me live very happy lives and our lack of hair doesn’t stop us from doing or being anything we choose. In fact we are grateful to our alopecia for the positive changes it has brought us. I know it might sound very hard to believe but trust me, it is possible.
  • Am I Vain for Covering Up?

    Everyone knows that society favours the beautiful and it’s not a recent phenomenon, only our interpretations of what we think is beautiful changes through history and geography.
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