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Cut, colour and take the bulk out of a one length, real hair, wig with confidence - ecourse

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7 years of cutting and colouring experience into 9 step by step, jam packed, video tutorials which tell you everything you need to know in less than 2 hours


 Hey there, 

For many years I struggled to find anyone who could help me with my hair loss. I simply could not find a sympathetic stylist who was willing to help and didn’t make me feel like a freak.

At a time when I needed the most help from a hairdresser, their looks of horror made me feel a deep shame I'd hate for any of your clients to experience.

When I began to create and design solutions for other ladies I realised that, sadly, my personal experience was far from unique. Everyone had a horror story to tell, leaving them running from their trusted stylist as fast as they could for good!

At a time when you are most vulnerable, these experiences only deepen the psychological pain of hair loss.  

As I’ve got to know stylists, I now understand that it is not that you don’t have empathy, in fact, it’s the total opposite. You do really want to help, but just don’t know what to say to someone who's experiencing something so traumatic.

The silence isn’t that you don’t care, it's the embarrassment that a customer is expecting you to know how to help them and you can’t. It’s an experience that can leave you feeling like a failure, which is very uncomfortable when you're used to providing confidence boosting transformations. 

It’s about wanting to really help, but just not knowing where to turn to. I now know it’s not your fault, your customer doesn’t realise that this is a specialised training (even though it shouldn’t be) and that most stylists haven’t got a clue how to help. 

Caroline’s (your trainer) own personal backstory was very similar. As an award winning, experienced salon owner and business coach, to feel helpless when her loved ones were depending on her after they’d lost their hair was a gut wrenching experience. But what started out as a desire never to feel like that again, quickly became a passion.

This passion, felt by her whole team, had a huge impact on her business and professional life. Her team became engaged and very keen to learn from her. She attracted a book full of loyal and very grateful customers, whose tears of relief, make delivering this the most rewarding work she has ever done.

As an added bonus, being seen as an industry expert, the salon continues to attract a steady stream of new clients and increasing profits! See what abundance comes your way when you deliver such a unique service with good intentions. 

I’m really blooming passionate about helping stylists feel comfortable around the issues of hair loss, as your confidence will make an incredible difference to someone who is suffering.  

Both Caroline and I feel so grateful for the journey we’ve been on with our clients. We’ve learned so much and we want to pay it forward and work with like minded people.



What you will get

We’ve compiled 7 years of cutting and colouring experience into 9 step by step, jam packed, video tutorials which tell you everything you need to know in less than 2 hours

Part 1 covers colouring

  • Strand test
  • How to prevent colour staining the base
  • Colour application
  • Colour removal

Part 2 details the cutting elements of:

  • Preparing the wig for cutting (including straightening and creating a parting that stays put)
  • Using razors and thinning scissors to remove the bulk
  • One length cutting and shaping 

These tutorials include the products Caroline personally uses and recommends. 



Free bonus 1

3 Months of video/telephone support from Caroline who will answer any questions and assess all your work. 

Free bonus 2

A 2nd Ecourse! How to start a game changing salon hair loss service in 5 easy steps.

This in depth video e-course is broken down into 5 actionable steps, over 21 chapters, that we cover together, one at a time. Pack with downloads including action plans and cheat sheets, the topics include: what requirements you need to be really successful in this industry, what services you can offer and how profitable they are, where to find suppliers, plus my years of experience of dealing with customers to ensure happy outcomes every time.

Free bonus 3 

Free Ebook The hair wearers blue print

In this detailed ebook I help my hair wearing friends to find the right solutions and get their confidence back.. This book contains a toolkit of tips, techniques and resources that can make a big, beautiful difference.

By the end of the book you will know:

  • which wigs and toppers work best 
  • all methods of attaching hair including detailed guides on hair integration and bonding
  • how to look after helper hair 
  • confidence tips for hair wearers

Free bonus 4

25% discount rate off Hair Necessity wigs to supply your customers. 

Free bonus 5

Sign up to our list of approved suppliers so we can direct customers to you. 



Unlimited access to how to cut, colour, cut and take the bulk out of a one length real hair wig with confidence  ecourse (Valued at £99)


FREE BONUS #1: How to start a game changing salon hair loss service in 5 easy steps e-course (Valued at £99)

FREE BONUS #2: 3 months expert support (Valued at £999)

FREE BONUS #3: The hair wearers blue print (Valued at £20)

TOTAL VALUE: £1217 – Just £50!



Who this is for and who this is not for

This is FOR you if:

  • You have minimum 5 years hairdressing experience and hold a NVQ level 2
  • If you are a salon owner or freelancer
  • You want to help your existing customers with hair loss
  • You want to gain new loyal customers
  • You want to differentiate, stand out and expand your knowledge
  • You want to motivate  and gain respect from your team
  • you honour and respect boundaries 
  • You enjoy flexibility, want to learn at your own pace, without judgement
  • You don’t want to look inexperienced if someone asks you for help
  • you commit to doing the work and willing to practice and take full responsibility for helping your clients.


This is NOT for you if:

  • You are new to hairdressing and do not hold the relevant qualifications
  • You’re looking for group learning
  • You find dealing with other people’s emotions difficult
  • You are not prepared to correct mistakes for clients.


Caroline Flynn

  • 38yrs in the hair industry, 18yrs managing salons and setting up 3 of her own salons.
  • 7yrs experience cutting, styling & colouring wigs and toppers.
  • Bedfordshire Business woman of the year, Training provider of the year, Hairdressers Journal Business Awards.
  • Loreal colour keys/ advanced colour. TIGI advanced colour & cutting. Business Masters with Fantastic Hairdresser, salon profit formula, business coaching. Fantastic Me, Mind, NLP qualifications.
  • When not working Caroline loves indulging in her, new found, passion of cooking whilst  singing out loud thinking she sings like Barbra streisand (her partner and  dog do not agree).
  • She loves her family at home & at work and will always say happiness is her driver more than anything else.


Rebecca Dawe

  • 28yrs of living with varying degrees of hair loss from patchy loss to total body and scalp.
  • 20yrs testing every pill, potion and hair cover up solution going! 
  • Designed hair coverup solutions for herself and other women after finding nothing suitable in the marketplace.  
  • Provides her unique solutions and training to a growing network of salons across the UK.
  • Featured in, ITV news, BBC,  Metro & Tyler.
  • In between feeding her husband, tween boys, fur babies and doting on her humongous wig wardrobe, you’ll find her watching episodes of Doctor Pimple Popper.



Questions and answers


How do I access my course?

A link will be sent to you immediately to access the course. There is no time limit to complete the course and you can watch the videos as often as you like. 


How does the support with Caroline work?

This course entitles you to one hour per week, live video, chat with Caroline for 3 months, where she will assess your work and answer any questions. The times will be agreed upon.


What if I still want support after 3 months?

If it’s the occasional email we are always happy to help however if you feel you’d like on going coaching this can be arranged depending on whether you’d like weekly or monthly support. However, if you sign up for further courses the support would continue free of charge. 


Can I do face to face training?

Yes. Caroline can visit you at your location for any training needs.


Where can I purchase a cheap wig to practice on?

There’s some great bargains on Amazon & Ebay, look up wig sell and swap groups on Facebook and check out the local wig banks. We can also supply you with upto 2 very high quality, fully hand tied, practice wigs at cost price.


Stylist like you have already taken this course & had outstanding results.

And we know if you do the homework, you will get results too.

So we'll offer you this guarantee... if you do all the homework & don't see any results... we'll give you your money back.

So you can make this purchase with peace-of-mind knowing that you'll get a great return on your investment! 


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    Get the perfect match to your natural hair shade with a custom colour. Delivered in only four weeks from order date.


Have a question about our products or service? Here are some of the most common questions asked by our customers. If your question isn't shown below or on our FAQ page, you can contact us.

All stock items, in original (unused) condition, can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. The sender pays return postage. Postage charges will not be refunded.

Custom made hairpieces and and wigs cannot be returned.

I do not charge for face to face or remote consultations.

Yes. I help clients from all over the world. There a lots of tools such as Skype and Facebook that we can use for private consultations. I have even created custom wigs just using email! You will need a tape measure and be prepared to send me a hair sample and photographs. Anything discussed or images sent is strictly confidential.

This really depends on how you wear your hair, the environment and how well you take care of your hair.

As a guide, wearing continuously, a fibre hairpiece will last around 4 months for long hair but up to 1 year for short hair. Long fibre hair will frizz quicker as it rubs against your clothing.

Human hair can last for a year or longer.

To get a perfect match it’s best to send a tiny sample of hair to me.

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