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Which topper/ hair enhancer is best for me?

by Rebecca Dawe

Which topper/ hair enhancer is best for me?

hair enhancer system

There is a wide variety of toppers available although, without any experience, it’s impossible to know which one is right for you. Hair Necessity toppers have been designed to address all the common problems most women find with toppers.

What’s really important

A great starting point is to ensure you find good quality hair that will last you a long time. All our toppers are coloured from virgin hair so the cuticle remains intact as much as possible. This reduces the tangling and shedding, which are common problems. The hair can also be coloured if you fancy a change. 

Each unit has had hair hand knotted or injected one by one, to mimic the movement of natural hair, into bases that offer you lots of different options. Here is a guide to the different toppers we do which, hopefully, will meet your requirements.  

Have hair loss just on the crown

Any of the toppers are suitable for hair loss just on the crown. Make sure you check that you have enough hair just within 3” wide on the crown, for clips to attach to, for the parting enhancer and the feather light topper. 

Have less than 50% of hair

If you don’t quite have enough hair for the parting enhancer but do have thicker, stronger hair a couple of inches below then  the tressform enhancer is a great choice. This particular topper can but cut to different sizes, giving as much or little coverage as you need.

The resQband will provide excellent cover across the scalp and along the front hairlines. You do need to have hair at the back of your head to cover the small adjustable elastic band at the nape. Not to worry if you don’t as a few clip in extensions will sort the problem! 

Low density

Due to its width, the parting enhancer offers a low density option. However, the feather light topper is a very low density option that lays very flat to the scalp, without any lift or volume from the roots.    

Option to attach (hair integration) 

Lots of women are very keen to attach hair but have been put off by the costs of doing it. It’s a lot of money if you decide you don’t like it. The parting enhancer and tressform are risk free options to attach for a few days or full time. Just remove the clips and ask your hair extensionist to microbead it on. If you want to return to clipping it in, simply sew the clips back on. Simple! 

No attachment to natural hair

For many women the clips and tapes used to attach toppers are not viable options. The resQband as a uniquely designed  topper - constructed on a hidden anti slip band - meaning you can easily add and remove it, sleep in it, or even go on a rollercoaster! Perfect if you want to give clips a break for a while or if you have fragile hair or a very sensitive scalp. 


There are so many combinations that if you have specific requirements get in touch and we’ll come up with some solutions!

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