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Want a hair topper but struggling to find the right match? Custom human hair toppers are the answer.

by Rebecca Dawe

Want a hair topper but struggling to find the right match? Custom human hair toppers are the answer.

I’ve helped hundreds of women find the hair topper of their dreams without the heavy price tags or months of waiting!

Many women think they had to resort to wigs because they have found it impossible to get a topper to match their hair colour or texture. Or there are issues like finding the right size, the attachment doesn’t work or simply there is too much hair.  They may even have looked into custom human hair toppers, but the options have been too expensive and involve months of waiting.

I must admit that this year, there has been issues with the supply chain. My usual waiting times for quality human hair toppers and wigs is a very speedy 4 weeks. Trust me, in the real hair custom made business 3 – 4 months is typical. Right now lots of other businesses custom-made toppers and wig services have been temporarily suspended and I hope they will weather this storm. We have no idea when things will go back to normal.

At the beginning of this year I had custom made work and stock units that even took over 12 weeks. This was exceedingly difficult as most of my customers had become accustomed to the usual waiting times. As much as it was out of my control and as lovely and understanding as these ladies have been, I did also ultimately feel responsible to sort this out. It’s lead to some pretty creating thinking, colouring and adapting existing stock for my tribe. This has now caused a knock of effect as most of my stock lines sold out really quickly, so I’ve had to work fast to resolve it.

To get to the point, now all my replacement, stuck, stock and custom orders have been moved over to another factory, who are using the same hair and can follow the exact specifications. The only slight problem is that wait times are now up to 6 weeks (which is still incredibly good). The costs are higher, but I made the decision to absorb as much of this as possible in the hope that this difficult year is a temporary blip. To summarise, you can be confident, that if you want to take the plunge you will get your order!

It always surprises me that so many women know exactly what they are looking for with their custom-made hairpieces. However, lots of us are new to the world of human hair toppers and when you can have anything you want, where on earth do you start? In the Hair Necessity store there are lots of options that are uniquely designed to deal with several common hair topper issues. This should give you a great starting point. Why not order one (as they can easily be returned for a full refund) it will give you a great starting point?

Any of the hair toppers can be coloured by us or reordered in your perfect colour and specifications. If you live closer to Milton Keynes/ Bedford you can pay us a visit and try everything on before you decide. We even have a special license for hair loss, so no need to wait until July! All appointments conducted under strict hygiene standards with PPE provided.

Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. x

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