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Which product is best for hair integration/ semi perm attachment

by Rebecca Dawe

Which product is best for hair integration/ semi perm attachment



OK so you know you want to attach your hair, live your life and forget about hair loss! It’s confusing at first working out what’s the best hair integration for you so here’s a guide to Hair Necessity solutions that will have your hair loss covered. 

First things first

All integrations are made using the highest quality hair, can be coloured and will last a long time with proper care. 

You haave hair loss just on the crown

My first choice for anyone entering into the word of hair integration is to start with the parting enhancer. However, what’s most important is that you have enough strong hair around the perimeter of the piece for attachment. With a tape measure, look at the crown of your head and measure 3” wide. Is there enough hair there to pull through the edges of this topper? This particular unit would also not cover any large bald areas at the back of the head (although they could be covered with hair extensions).

You have less than 50% of your hair

If you don’t quite have enough hair for the parting enhancer but do have thicker, stronger hair a couple of inches below then  the tressform enhancer is a great choice.

If your hair loss is substantial, 50% and less, the Extensioniser is the product for you. 

Low density

Hair density is an important consideration when wearing hair. It's also a very personal choice. Lots of ladies are looking for the volume you can achieve with traditional extensions whilst others seek a more understated look. 

Due to its size, the parting enhancer offers a lower density option. The Extensioniser is a low density option as you determine how many hair wefts (hair extensions) you add into the unit. The hair wefts are sewn around the unit in rows so you decide how close you would like the rows to be together. The open cap of this unit makes it a very breathable option.

The tressform enhancer has a higher, but still natural, density because the size of the unit is larger and each hair has been hand tied in. People who regularly suffer from overheating and those dreaded hot flushes may find this unit too hot. 

Easiest maintenance 

Removing all hair systems for monthly maintenance is a quick and easy job. The time it takes to install them back on again determines how easy the maintenance is. 

The parting enhancer is the quickest to install, being the smallest unit. A professional hair extensionist should be able to install this unit in 40 - 60 mins. 

As the tressform enhancer is a larger size, it will take slightly longer, around 60 mins to install. 

The Extensioniser requires the longest maintenance time (however this system is significantly faster than others installed in salons) because your stylist will need to sew on your hair wefts as well as attach the unit to your scalp. The initial installation will take the longest but follow up appointments possibly not taking as long, only restitching some of the wefts. A talented hair extensionist will be able to remove and install your unit in around 2 hours. 


The lowest cost option is the parting enhancer. The monthly maintenance costs will also be low as they are very easy to install and remove. 

The price of the tressform enhancer and the Extensioniser are pretty similar (once you have paid for the hair wefts required for the Extensioniser). The cost of the hair wefts depends on how many you need to use as well as the quality and length of the hair extensions.  

The monthly maintenance costs will be higher with the Extensioniser as attachment takes longer. Please note though that comparable systems to the Extensioniser typically cost thousands!!

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