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10 lessons my dogs taught me about losing my hair at 18

by Rebecca Dawe

10 lessons my dogs taught me about losing my hair at 18

I first started losing my hair in patches at 16yrs old, but by the time I was 18 I had lost about 50%. Hair continued to grow and fall out until my early 20's when I rapidly lost it all! If you are experiencing hair loss, I understand that it is extremely traumatic. Almost 30 yrs now of living with hair loss and it occurred to me that the dogs I've owned, through thick and thin, had much to teach.

These are the lessons my dogs taught me about losing my hair at 18:

1) Dogs aren't subjected to media pressure, but they still judge each other. Some dogs instantly connect, others are growled at. All living creatures make judgements, its how we survive. However, the vibe we give off will massively effect the outcome of those judgements.

2) I once owned a dog barked at all bald-headed men and men in hats ironically! We are all frightened by different things. You can't change your gut reactions; you can change how you feel about it if your willing to put the work in. 

3) The dogs we've owned since puppyhood have been so self-confident, give love so freely and expect it in return, know what they want, go for it, expect to get it and never give up. It's only the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world around us that limit our expectations. 

4) The rescue dogs are a lot more work, however in time, with the right support they got back to their true selves.

5) In the presence of unconditional love, you are completely yourself.

6) Aside from their basic needs, all they really want is attention and love. I think all our behaviours are linked to these most tribal requirements. Rejection is ultimately what we fear.

7)They live for the moment, maintain enthusiasm and make the most of every opportunity. There's a mantra!

8) My current pooch will happily walk in the rain, but he hates getting wet. You sometimes must do uncomfortable things to go where you want to.

9) Sitting and barking at the bottom of the tree will not encourage the cat to come down. Doing the same thing will get the same result.

10) Just being there for someone, listening, not judgemental...dogs can teach us a lot about being a good friend.

If you are experiencing hair loss and would like more info and support I'm happy to help. Sign up to my blog for support, tips and tricks. 

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